Dream Pillow

Dream Pillows

A picture of a dream pillow

Placing herbs under or near one’s pillow or inside the pillowcase dates back centuries. A Dream Pillow is a small pillow filled with fragrant herbs such as lavender. Dream Pillows were once called ‘comfort pillows’ for their calming properties that eased the nightmares often accompanying certain medicines. Lavender Dream Pillows are great for all ages, benefitting adults and children as well as pets. The clean, fresh fragrance in the pillows gently wafting in the air is particularly good for those having difficulty sleeping, or for those wanting sweet and pleasant dreams during the night.

Materials: Made with 100% pre-washed cotton fabric, polyester fiber fill and lavender grown in my garden according to organic practices, hand-picked and dried.

Size: approximated 5 ½ “ x 5 ½ “ square.

To refresh, gently squeeze the pillow to activate the lavender and release fragrance.

A picture of dream pillows