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Our Lavender Plants

Visitors to our farm can walk among the rows of lavender in our gardens and enjoy the beauty and fresh fragrances. Touching the plant with your fingertips will transfer the gentle aroma so you may get a closer whiff of the delicate fragrance. For a fee, visitors may snip stems and collect their own bunch of lavender called agritourism or purchase dried lavender from our cottage shop. Please stop at the cottage shop and we’ll assist you by providing a basket and shears, and directions to the freshest rows of lavender.

True Grosso

A picture of True GrossoLavandula 'Grosso' is a large growing (30-32" tall x 3-4' wide) French hybrid lavender with dark blue flower spikes in mid-summer. Provides an abundant harvest for lavender wands, sachets and culinary use. This cultivar has one of the darkest violet colors among the lavandins and is excellent for fresh or dried bouquets. Its neat abundant growth habit and second bloom in autumn make it a great all-around plant and one of the most popular lavenders. The scent of the lavandins is not as sweet as the Anugustifolias but it yields around six times more essential oil!


A picture of True GrossoAn evergreen perennial shrub with gray green foliage and abundant, fragrant, purple flower spikes that attract butterflies. Useful as hedge or edging in herb garden. Highly effective in mass plantings. Flowers may be dried and crushed to use in sachets.


A picture of True GrossoEnglish Lavender Hidcote is a short variety, growing only 18 to 20 inches tall. Highly fragrant and excellent for drying. (Lavandula angustifolia) Hidcote Lavender has long been one of the most sought after Lavandula Angustifolia varieties and is one of the darkest and shortest of the Lavandula Angustifolia group. Often propagated by seed that does not come true to the original plant, it can be very difficult to locate the proper dark purple Hidcote Lavender.


A picture of True GrossoFragrant purple blooms abound on this compact evergreen with narrow foliage. Beautiful as an informal hedge, in low water rock gardens, and in mass plantings along sunny borders. The sweetly aromatic 'Folgate' is an excellent source of lavender oil and flower parts for culinary use. This variety of English lavender is one of the better Anugusifolia oil producers and is considered the best for producing high-yield crops for culinary use. Folgate is a small bush with narrow, small leaves and a sweet aroma. If you like cooking with lavender or enjoy the sweet smell in potpourri and sachets you will love this plant.


A picture of True GrossoAn evergreen, perennial shrub with compact, mounding, aromatic gray foliage and abundant, fragrant, rich lavender flower spikes. Can be used in perfumes, sachets and oils. Dried sprigs will deter insects when placed in a closet or room. An old favorite, Lavender 'Munstead' is a dependable performer with profusely blooming lavender-blue flowers. This aromatic herb is a wonderful ornamental in your garden and produces tons of fragrant flowers which are sure to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.


A picture of True GrossoThis lavender variety is one of the hardiest and is extremely easy to grow, withstanding high heat and humidity. The gorgeous, purple blooms are very fragrant and attract butterflies to the garden. Elegant, sweetly fragrant mounds of silver foliage yield purple-blue flower spikes with outstanding ornamental and edible qualities. This cold-hardy lavender does not die back in the winter like other varieties and is notable for its disease resistance and heat and humidity tolerance. A must have for sunny gardens! Evergreen.